Hart Marine ORC Pilot Boats Excited to Deliver Port Phillip Sea Pilots New Pilot Vessel

In a display of unwavering trust and confidence, Port Phillip Sea Pilots have chosen Hart Marine ORC Pilot Boats to construct their new pilot build.  Hart are excited to report that the new vessel is nearing the end of its production timeline, and currently undertaking scheduled sea trials. The decision to contract Hart on this new build not only underscored PPSP's confidence in the Hart pilot vessel's capabilities but also the solid partnership and trust they have in Hart Marine's craftsmanship and commitment to quality. 

Continuing the tradition upheld in all Hart Marine ORC Pilot builds, including this new project for PPSP, Hart remains steadfast in maintaining the utmost standards in pilot boat construction. This commitment serves to reinforce their dedication to safety, innovation, and the delivery of quality craftsmanship in every vessel they produce.

"We were thrilled and honoured by Port Phillip Sea Pilots' decision to entrust us with the construction of their new vessel," remarked a Hart Marine spokesperson "This reaffirms our commitment to delivering top-notch vessels with uncompromising safety features, ensuring the trust our partners have in Hart, remains unwavering."

The success of the recent 'Spirit' pilot boat build for Flinders Port Holdings surpassed expectations at the South Australian port. As a result, Port Phillip Sea Pilots has chosen the same specifications for their upcoming new build. Equipped with the advanced Marfle fuel monitoring system, the vessel relays real-time engine telemetry and fuel data to the fleet manager, facilitating agile decision-making. This configuration has exceeded operational expectations and is rapidly becoming a highly sought-after specification for pilot boat operations. 

This will be PPSP’s first launch with the integrated Volvo IPS system, a state-of-the-art technology resulting in some of the most fuel-efficient pilot launches on the water.  “For 185 years, Port Phillip Sea Pilots has been leading the way in marine pilotage. With Hart Marine’s industry-leading technology and innovation, today we’re leading the way to sustainable, more fuel-efficient pilotage operations that significantly reduce our carbon footprint.” Michael Hanson of PPSP comments. “This new launch marks Port Phillip Sea Pilots’ seventh partnership with Hart Marine and a giant leap forward in meeting our sustainability targets”.

In a display of industry collaboration, Flinders Ports made way in their planned pilot build for the PPSP vessel to be prioritised at the Hart factory on the Mornington Peninsula in South East Melbourne.  “PPSP want to acknowledge Flinders Port and their support providing flexibility in their build schedule to allow for the record turnaround of our project to ensure seamless supply of piloting services in Australia’s busiest port” Michael comments. “We’d also like to show our appreciation for Hart who were crucial in the facilitating the collaboration between the three entities ensuring a seamless delivery in record time.”

The new vessel is currently calling Yaringa Boat Harbour home as it runs through its sea trials and already the Hart production team are seeing impressive results from early testing.  "The partnership with Port Phillip Sea Pilots holds great significance for Hart, and we eagerly anticipate the timely delivery of their new vessel” the Hart spokesperson concludes.