Combining the Pantocarene French design with Hart Marine's unique high-quality build, brings the new generation of the ORC range; the ORC Police Vessel. This exceptional combination uses composite boat building techniques and refined engineering, allowing the ORC Police Boats and rescue boats to reach new heights. This never seen before model ensures this jet driven vessel a superior lifespan of over 35 years, resulting in increased reliability and outstanding hours of operation per year. Their self-righting capabilities combined with a high-speed range creates a strong foundation that will perform in any weather condition. Hart Marine is proudly recognised as one of the world’s leading composite boat manufacturers, something that is evident in each and every vessel.Their self-righting capabilities combined with their high speed range provides the boat with the perfect foundation to perform in any weather conditions.
Hart Marine is proudly recognised as one of the world’s leading composite boat manufacturers, which is demonstrated through each vessel constructed.


What makes this new generation of vessels incomparable to any other is their speed and manoeuvrability. This means that even in challenging weather conditions police duties can be exceeded and fulfilled efficiently. High controlled manoeuvrability is achieved through the twin Hamilton Jets, resulting in exceptional handling capabilities and an overall high-performance Police Vessel.


Functionality and purpose are at the forefront of our design philosophy. This is evident in each and every one of our world class vessels. With over 30 years of research and development, Pantocarene has developed a unique and expertly refined beak bow hull form. This distinctive feature reduces vertical acceleration, slamming, fatigue of drivers and crew, all while simultaneously improving the wave piercing ability of the boat. This research and expertise have resulted in premium comfort for crew and drivers, allowing them to achieve longer service operations in a highly functional work environment.


The open aft working deck features on all of our ORC Police Boats, allowing for a safe and functional operating area. The ORC Police Boats and rescue boats has a 500kg crane to lift rescue craft, jet skis and other smaller vessels onto the aft deck, as well as arranged for diving operations, ensuring all duties are achieved in every aspect of Water Policing. Safety is at the forefront of our design philosophy and is without a doubt accomplished in each and every build.