Reliability, safety, and handling. Not to mention the comfort improved 10-fold! The handling capabilities improved too making pilot transfer a lot safer and lowered the Coxswain fatigue levels. Customer service was great, and Hart Marine were always easy to deal with.





Superior construction and improved speed, thus an all-round more reliable outcome. The modern design, composite build, and self-righting capabilities set this product apart. The end result was high quality design with great workability, would gladly recommend.





This was the largest Pilot boat we have ever had. It is more capable in rougher conditions all while being more comfortable than the others. Great value for money.On a side note, I was watching the PV Osprey underway in the port recently, heading through the waves during a strong breeze & I mentioned to a colleague that, 'we should have called it Moses, the way it parts the waters





We’re able to achieve much longer runs, the safety aspects have improved dramatically and all round a much better boat than we previously had. The handling of the boat is exceptional, it's the next level up and completely modernised what we do. Manoeuvrability alongside a ship is much better, there is no suction into the ship, and the self-righting capabilities is fantastic in the rough weather, especially in Tasmania. The fact it is a proven Pilot Boat design, and the build quality were the factors that kept us buying up to three boats. After service has been great, and awesome to work with a company so close to Tasmania that can offer vessel support.





Since purchasing a number of Hart Marine’s ORC Pilot Boat, we have been able to reduce the amount of times, from days to hours, we close Port Phillip Heads. This is due to the boat handling capabilities in all weather conditions as well as the safety factor, which has significantly increased, providing us with a much more reliable work vessel in comparison to our old boats. Fuel consumption is much better, as we are using more modern engines and the fit out is much superior to other manufacturers. The after sale service is excellent, great overall construction of the boat, and the on time delivery and budget are what made us return customers.


Rob Buck, Harbour Master

Port Phillip Sea Pilots