The future is bright at Hart Marine

Hart Marine, the leading name in pilot boat innovation and quality globally, embarks on an exciting trajectory, announcing a series of exciting pilot builds planned for 2024, illuminating a path of unprecedented progress and success.

Kicking off an exciting 2023/24 journey is the imminent launch of the first of three Flinders Ports vessels; this three-build contract with Flinders Ports marking a significant milestone and solidifying an important relationship between the port and Hart teams. These boats, equipped with cutting-edge IPS drives for enhanced fuel efficiency and maneuverability, are a testament to Hart Marine's unwavering dedication to pioneering advancements in the industry. Subsequent launches for Flinders Ports, second and third builds in July and December 2024, will emphasize a strong commitment to lowering CO2 emissions and implementing sustainable improvements, reinforcing Hart's partnership with Flinders and fortifying trust in Hart-built vessels.  The Hart team look forward to the successful delivery of these three powerful vessels, sure to add significant strength to Flinders Port’s operational capabilities.

While October 23 saw the unfortunate loss of one of Hart's Pilot Boats in an accident involving a crucial partner, Port Phillip Sea Pilots (PPSP), the safety of all operators remained paramount. Despite this setback, the exceptional safety features onboard the Pilot Boat, ensured the team's unharmed evacuation, affirming Hart Marine's commitment to operational safety in emergency conditions. The enduring relationship between Hart Marine and PPSP, having collaborated on seven builds to date, attests to a solid partnership and PPSP's decision to entrust Hart Marine to build their replacement vessel underscores the mutual respect and support between the entities.  Subsequently, in a display of industry collaboration, Flinders Ports have graciously postponed the receipt of their boat, to expedite the replacement vessel for PPSP, to assist in minimising further disruption to their port operations.  Hart look forward to the successful delivery of the replacement vessel for Port Phillip Sea Pilots early this year.

Hart are also pleased to confirm an inaugural build for Port Nelson due mid 2024.  This partnership marks the initiation of the first build for the Port Nelson (PL), signifying a significant milestone in the enduring relationship between Hart Marine and the New Zealand port.

Despite this being the first contracted build for Port Nelson, Nelson have for a long time proved to be an invaluable support for Hart Marine, offering a safe and convenient stopover during many trans-Tasman voyages delivering boats to multiple ports around New Zealand. The port's extensive hospitality, encompassing berthing facilities and customs assistance, has played a pivotal role in facilitating Hart Marine's operational efficiency during these deliveries.

"We are excited to deliver Port Nelson's inaugural 173 ORC Pilot Boat, confident that this addition will substantially elevate their daily operational capabilities” remarked a Hart Marine spokesperson "We know they will be thrilled with their new vessel and we anticipate a longstanding partnership with Port Nelson for many years to come."

From their boat building hubs in Mornington and Yaringa Boat Harbour, Hart Marine crafts robust vessels designed for navigating both Australian and international waters with industrial precision. Their range, catering to high-end commercial and government-authority craft, including police, pilot services, port authorities, and border security, stands as a testament to maritime reliability and efficiency.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, safety, and service excellence, Hart Marine remains committed to leading the category, evident in their commissioned boats for Aus/NZ and as far as the Middle East.

As the team at Hart look forward to a positive 2024 with a number of pilot builds already in the pipeline; the future shines brightly at Hart Marine.