Hart Marine Proudly Unveils 'Spirit' – Sustainable Excellence for Flinders Ports

Hart Marine is delighted to announce the successful completion of the 'Spirit' pilot boat for Flinders Ports, marking the inauguration of the first vessel in a series of three commissioned builds for the esteemed South Australian port. This monumental achievement underscores Hart's commitment to innovation and solidifies its partnership with Flinders Ports on this transformative project.

As Flinders Ports champions sustainability initiatives, the collaboration with Hart Marine holds significant value. Hart Marine has long been at the forefront of sustainable exploration, investing and seeking out innovation that reduce environmental impact while upholding the unparalleled strength and expertise synonymous with their iconic pilot boats.

The innovative feature of 'Spirit' lies in its implementation of Volvo Penta IPS systems – a testament to Hart Marine's dedication to sustainable innovation. Equipped with cutting-edge IPS drives, this technology enhances fuel efficiency and reduces environmental footprint. The twin counter-rotating propellers operate in undisturbed water, optimizing thrust parallel to the hull, resulting in enhanced forward propulsion and manoeuvrability.  This is especially significant during pilot boat transfers, where a controlled and stable environment is the ultimate objective.

Notably, the Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) offers an unprecedented reduction in fuel consumption, exemplifying its low emissions and minimal fuel usage, a responsible choice for sustainable operations. This innovation aligns seamlessly with Hart Marine's ethos of more power with less fuel; contributing to minimised environmental impact.

Like its predecessors, 'Spirit' embodies Hart Marine's advanced composite technology, ensuring a lightweight yet corrosion-resistant structure that guarantees durability even in the harshest marine conditions.  Engineered with precision, 'Spirit' prioritizes pilot comfort and safety. Its beak bow design facilitates smooth navigation in turbulent waters, significantly reducing vertical acceleration and ensuring stability for pilots. Additionally, the vessel's self-righting capabilities, rigorously tested and proven, bolster safety measures, allowing autonomous recovery from a capsized position.  'Spirit' incorporates continuous railing, fortifying safety by providing a secure barrier and prioritizing the well-being of crew and pilots during operations. Low-noise technology further enhances the vessel's operational environment, reflecting Hart Marine's dedication to ensuring onboard comfort.

Hart Marine remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainable practices, investment and exploration. Integrating eco-friendly initiatives throughout manufacturing processes, the company actively seeks ways to minimize waste and prioritize responsible sourcing methods, ensuring operations align with preserving our oceans and planet for future generations.

"We are thrilled that Flinders Ports has chosen to partner with Hart on this innovative pilot build, and we’re excited to deliver a vessel that incorporates the pinnacle of sustainability innovation" stated a spokesperson for Hart Marine. "Spirit embodies our dedication to a better tomorrow, and we eagerly anticipate seeing her in action, serving Flinders Ports for many years to come."

Hart Marine continues to lead the way in pilot boat manufacturing, setting new benchmarks for excellence worldwide. The company's fleet emphasizes safety, comfort, and operational efficiency. With a legacy rooted in quality and an unwavering dedication to research and development, Hart Marine remains at the forefront of industry leadership and with the successful delivery of ‘Spirit’, Hart firmly solidifies their position as the pilot boat manufacturer of choice.