Hart Marine Celebrates Successful Build and Launch of State-of-the-Art Pilot Vessel "Wardan" for Port of Bunbury.

Leading pilot boat builder, Hart Marine, is proud to announce the successful build and launch of the ‘Wardan’, a cutting-edge pilot vessel, contracted by the Port of Bunbury to add to their fleet.

‘Wardan’ is a testament to Hart Marine's commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence in pilot vessel construction. With meticulous craftsmanship and top-tier technology, this pilot vessel is set to elevate maritime operations in the Southern Ports region.

At the core of ‘Wardan's superiority lies Hart Marine's advanced composite technology. This cutting-edge approach not only ensures a lightweight structure but also renders the vessel impervious to corrosion, guaranteeing longevity and resilience against the harshest marine conditions.

Engineered with precision, ‘Wardan’ prioritizes pilot comfort and safety. The beak bow design allows for smooth navigation through challenging waters, significantly reducing vertical acceleration, and providing a stable platform for pilots, even in turbulent seas. This emphasis on safety extends to the vessel's proven self-righting capabilities, a critical feature validated through rigorous testing, ensuring ‘Wardan’ can autonomously recover from a capsized position.

The integration of low-noise technology contributes to a serene operational environment, reflecting Hart Marine's commitment to creating boats that prioritize the comfort of those on board.

In the ever-evolving landscape of pilot boat engineering, ‘Wardan’ stands as a testament to Hart Marine's dedication to setting new standards in pilot boat innovation. With a legacy built on quality and trust, Hart Marine continues to chart new waters in the pursuit of excellence. Hart Marine are proud of their newest build 'Wardan', for the Port of Bunbury, featuring leading innovation and technology ports have come to expect from the team at Hart, widely renowned for the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

“This vessel represents our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, to suit specific needs within agreed timeframes.” Mal Hart, from Hart Marine says. “With builds exceeding 6 months, we get quite used to seeing these boats in the factory and it’s with a little sadness we have to say goodbye to them. We know Wardan’s in fantastic hands and she’ll add incredible strength and performance to Bunbury’s port operations."

Hart Marine extends its sincere gratitude to the Port of Bunbury for entrusting them with this significant project. ‘Wardan’ is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing pilot operations and crew transfer activities in the Southern Ports.

‘Wardan’ joins over 50 Hart Marine boats operating out of every state and territory in Australia solidifying Hart built vessels as the 'Pilot Boat of Choice.' Ports across the world have repeatedly chosen Hart Marine for their pilot boat needs, reaffirming the brand's unwavering reputation for industry leadership and excellence.

For more information about Hart Marine and its innovative working boat solutions, please visit www.hartmarine.com.au or contact +61 3 5975 5622.